Mixer Mono 2In-1Out

Reading Time: 2 minutes

A simple and small passive mono mixer mono with two input channels.


Mix2To1 is a small mono mixer with two inputs and one output.  It is equiped with 6.35 mm jack mono plugs and two potentiometers that allow you to adjust the output level of the two input signals.


The case is made of multilayer wood shaped and engraved by laser cutting. The choice of wood allows us to create a compact and lightweight mixer. The joints and the engravings on the bombs still allow for a robust and attractive design. It is possible to have, on demand, different types of coloring and surface finishes of wood.


For the curious and the enthusiasts we show the electrical diagram used to make the Mix2To1. The mixer is passive, so it does not have the capability to gain and amplify the signals. On the one hand, this could be seen as a defect, but on the other hand it allows you to have an ultra compact and lightweight device that does not need power and that does not alter in any way the signals passing through it (unlike active circuits do).


We like to use Mix2To1 like that. But it is so versatile that it can be really used in a thousand other ways.


Order now your Mix2To1.

The mixer can also be made using a 2in-2out / 3in-3out matrix configuration, or with a number of custom inputs and outputs depending on your needs. We can also make stereo passive mixers on request. To receive more information or to order your new custom made mini-mixer please email us at info(at)artislab(dot)it.