PDSynth-00 on bandcamp

Reading Time: 1 minute We are pleased to present this collection of demo tracks created with our first prototype: PDSynth-00. PDSynth-00 is our first example of a reprogrammable electronic musical instrument that can perform different functions depending on the software that is loaded into the Arduino board.

DP Synth-00

Reading Time: 3 minutes How to make a simple and lightweight synth based on Arduino to play everywhere. With this example you can create one audio oscillator with BP Filter, tremolo and vibrato control.

Noisy Silence: a performance of silence, sound and noise

Reading Time: 1 minute The themes of abandonment and depopulation have been proposed and investigated by a performing action that intersects images, texts and sounds. Noisy Silence suggests to pay attention to the relationships among silence, sound and noise, and between human presence and natural development inside the landscapes of abandoned villages. Noisy Silence was performed last January 6th 2017 … Leggi tutto »Noisy Silence: a performance of silence, sound and noise