CapBoard and its possible uses

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In this demo we present some applications of CapBoard: a low cost, eco-friendly, keyboard made with paper and aluminium foil, two physical interfaces made with metals objects and a cup of water, and, in the end, a standalone synth controlled by six knobs.

CapacitiveBoard (CapBoard) is a device based on Arduino Nano that allows to turn any conductive object in a capacitive sensor to detect the touch of a person. Moreover, CapBoard can also be used as a 8bit standalone synth.

If you want to have more information about CapBoard or you want to order your new board please follow this link:, or for comments and suggestions about the product or about Artis Lab write to info(at)artislab(dot)com.

We are awaiting the arrival of the first industrially produced series on PCB, in the meanwhile, we are producing a limited series of twenty exclusive pieces made by hand.
Do not miss this unique opportunity!

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