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Noisy Silence: a performance of silence, sound and noise

Reading Time: 1 minute The themes of abandonment and depopulation have been proposed and investigated by a performing action that intersects images, texts and sounds. Noisy Silence suggests to pay attention to the relationships among silence, sound and noise, and between human presence and natural development inside the landscapes of abandoned villages. Noisy Silence was performed last January 6th 2017 … Leggi tutto »Noisy Silence: a performance of silence, sound and noise

CapBoard and its possible uses

Reading Time: 1 minute In this demo we present some applications of CapBoard: a low cost, eco-friendly, keyboard made with paper and aluminium foil, two physical interfaces made with metals objects and a cup of water, and, in the end, a standalone synth controlled by six knobs. CapacitiveBoard (CapBoard) is a device based on Arduino Nano that allows to … Leggi tutto »CapBoard and its possible uses